niedziela, 3 września 2017

Plan of the project

September (first week) - Teachers write a letter to parents, in order to inform them about the project and gave them the instructions. September (second week) -,,Let’s introduce ourselves!”(presentation of kindergarden/school, city, country) - Creating a logo design:,,Music make us happy!” September (third week) - ,,The wonderful universe of musical instruments’’- making a video with the known and unknown musical instruments September (fourth week) - ,,Little explorers”- experiments/sensorial games: ,,Where sounds came from?”( low sounds, high sounds, long-short sounds) October (first week) - ,,My favorite musical instrument“- making handcrafts of musical toys from recycled materials(unconventional instruments) - Artcraft exibition October (second week) - ,,In the world of music”- short music concert sustained by Musical High-school pupils October (third week) - Telling stories about national great composers - Making a thematic book conteins musical instruments October (fourth week) - ,,Music make us happy!”- therapy through music(sounds of happiness, sounds of sadness, etc) - Music auditions November (first week)- November (second week) - ,,Little musicians”orchestra- songs learned by children with instrumental accompany November (third week) ,,Welcome to the show!”- an artistic program organization. Enjoy the project!!!